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Express Facial

This facial is designed to clients who are always on the go, but with no steam and/or extraction

30 min. -> $50.00

Deep Cleansing (Anti-Acne)

This treatment helps unclog pores, minimize oil build-up on the skin's surface and improve the overall appearance on the skin's surface and improve the overall appearance of the skin

60 min. -> $100.00


This mechanical treat uses micro-ionized crystals or diamonds to exfoliate the skin's surface. It is excellent for clearing congested pores, blackheads and whiteheads without inflammation or scars. It also helps reduce oiliness, uneven and dullness. It leaves skin soft, smooth, and glowing

60 min. -> $150.00

Vitamin C With Ultra Sound

This is good for skin elasticity and firmness while gradually diminishing the pigmentation problems, fine lines and wrinkles

90 min. -> $150.00

Teen Clean

Perfect for teens interested in taking their skin care routine to the next level. This 50 min. treatment includes thorough cleaning exfoliation, steaming, and treatment

50 min. -> $80.00

Men's Facial

This facial is especially designed to improve skin damaged by daily shaving and sun exposure

50 min. -> $100.00

Back Facial

This treatment is specially designed for people who have back acne problems. Deep cleaning, exfoliation, and extraction of blackheads and white heads wherever needed

60 min. -> $100.00

Special Mask

100% Pure collagen mask


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30/60/90/120 min.


Deep Tissue

30/60/90/120 min.



30/60/90/120 min.



30/60/90/120 min.


Back Massage

10/20/30 min.



10/15/20 min.


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